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Parent Handbook


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Dear Parent,

We are honored that you have chosen us for your child’s preschool education. We take that responsibility very seriously. We are looking forward to helping your child grow in every way. Our staff is committed to fostering the spiritual, academic, and social growth of your child. We understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable when leaving your child in our care. If there is anything we can do to help make your time with us more memorable, please let us know!

Thanks for choosing us!

Kristy Harvill, Director/ Owner

Lisa Beckham, Director



Enrollment Procedures and Required Paperwork/ Office Tidbits

All children must be added to our waiting pool through our website. As openings become available, we will pull from our waiting pool to fill open spots. The following is our priority for admission criteria:

  •  Siblings of children already enrolled in the program
  • Parent referrals/Date of Application

Before acceptance, the following must be completed:

  • All required paperwork
    • Application for Admission
    • Parent Agreement
    • Discipline Policy
    • Internet Viewing
    • Master Card
    • Current Immunizations
  • A meeting with the Director must be completed.
  • A classroom visit with the child, so that we can decide what transition schedule must be followed.

 Tuition Payments/Late Fees

Tuition is due on the Friday before care is needed. A $20 late payment fee will be automatically applied to your account on Tuesday, if tuition is not paid in full. Children will not be accepted for care if there is a balance on the account. Tuition refunds or credits are not given for absences of any kind. Weekly tuition is as follows; Infants $135, Toddlers $130, P-2 $125, and P-3/P-4 $120. School Age $60.

Return Check Policy

If your account has more than 1 NSF check, you will be asked to pay by money order or cashier’s check. If your account does have an NSF check, payment for the check must be paid within 2 days of us contacting you.

Registration and Supply Fees

A $50 registration fee is due upon being accepted to the center. This is a one-time fee. A yearly curriculum fee is due each August for the following year. There is no fee for infants, the fees are $40 for one yr. olds and One/Toddlers $40, for P-2, $75, P-3/P-4 $100, School Age $25.

Field Trip Fees

On occasion, our preschool and school-age children will be going on field trips. You will be asked to pay the fee that is associated with the trip. If you wish for your child not to attend, you must make other arrangements for your child. Your account will not be credited for that day.

Special Program Fees

Our children participate in a variety of programs throughout the year. On occasion, there will be small fees associated with the program. We ask that parents pay the necessary fee, with the understanding that the children and teachers are working very hard to put on a great program for the parents.

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation are from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  A late fee will be charged for children that are picked up late from the center. All children that are picked up late will be waiting in the front lobby with the teacher. The late fees are as follows:

After 6:05 p.m., a flat fee of $25 is charged until 6:15 p.m.

After 6:15 p.m., the fee of $25 is charged, plus $1.00 per minute.

These fees are strictly enforced, and due before you drop your child off the next morning.  Parents, who are continually late picking up their child, will be asked to make other arrangements for care. Our staff has their own obligations outside of the center, and will not be asked to stay late with your child. If you have made other arrangements for someone else to pick up your child, it is your responsibility to make sure that they have picked up your child from the center.

School Closings

If the center must be closed for any reason (etc. bad weather, power outages, emergencies), we will inform the local television stations. Just because the schools are closed does not necessarily mean that KC is closed.

School Holidays

Our center is closed only on specific Holidays. For our preschool children, they will not be doing their normal curriculum on these days, but the center is still open (ex. Spring Break, Winter Break, Christmas Holiday). We are closed on the following days:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. If Christmas Eve or Christmas Day falls on the weekend, the following Monday and Tuesday will be taken as holidays.

Medication Policy

The center will administer medicine only at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  If your child is in need of medication, please adjust your schedule accordingly. We will only administer prescription medication, and age-appropriate over the counter medication as follows:

  • A COMPLETE medication form must be filled out in the office. It must include your child’s complete name, proper dosage, and complete medication name.
  • A medicine syringe or medicine spoon must accompany the medicine. We will not dispense medicine from a cup or regular spoon. The syringe or medication spoon must have the proper medication dosage on it.
  • Prescription medicine must have the child’s name on the bottle or box. We will not dispense medicine with a sibling’s name on it.
  • Over the counter medication must be Age or Weight appropriate for your child.
  • We will not administer fever-reducing medications to your child, even if your child is teething.

 Changes in Information

All changes to your child’s information must be done in the KC office. We will ask you to fill out a “change of information form”. Please do not give your child’s teacher this information.

Drop Off and Pick up of Children

When dropping off your child, please make sure to sign your child in at the front desk. Please drop your child off promptly in the appropriate classroom. You may drop your child off before 10:00 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m. All pick up people must be on your child’s pick up list. Any changes to this list must be made in writing. Anyone picking up children must show proper identification before having access to the children.

Illness Policy

We must send children home who show signs of being contagious. Children must remain out of the center until symptoms have disappeared for at least 24 hours, or a doctor has rendered them not contagious.  We will send your child home if they show any signs of the following:

  • Fever over 100
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Unexplained rash
  • Symptoms such as conjunctivitis, impetigo, ringworm, lice, etc.

If your child has been sent home with lice, or nits, he/she cannot return to the center until all eggs have been removed from the hair. Your child must be checked by a person in the KC office before returning to the classroom.

Even if your child is not contagious after returning to class, he/she must be able to participate in regular classroom activities.


Although it is not required for you to call us, we DO want to know if your child is going to be absent. This helps us plan our staffing, and help keep track of illnesses at the center.

Classroom Guidelines

  • We ask that you PROMPTLY drop off your child with his/her teacher.
  • Please knock on the door before entering the classroom. We want to make sure that children are away from the doorway.
  • Parents are not allowed to visit or hang out in the classroom, unless there is a special event.
  • Make sure that you take your child’s belongings from his/her cubby daily. These classes are also for church and could get lost.
  • Your child’s work will go home on Fridays. Please read the important information with your child’s work and notes that are posted on the doors.

 Parent Communication

We are always striving to improve our parent communication. We understand that your life is busy. Our goal is that each parent always be aware of what’s going on in the classroom. Classroom happenings will be sent home in your child’s work folder. It will give you information about what your child might need for the upcoming week. In the event that something comes up unexpectedly, we will post information on the front door, or a letter will be sent home.

Signing Out

You must sign your child in and out daily. This is a requirement of attending our center. Signing in and out is done at the front desk or in our child’s classroom.

Discipline of the Children

We feel that discipline is not a punishment, but a chance to teach a child that is making wrong choices.  Kid’s Company uses one or more of the following methods of discipline:

  • Re-direction
  • Time Out (1minute for every year of age)
  • On some occasions, a child may be removed from the group if his/her behavior is disruptive to the classroom.
  • Parent conferences may be necessary on occasions to discuss your child’s behavior.

** Kid’s Company is required by state law to report any suspected abuse or neglect to the proper authorities.

 Please note the following rules concerning discipline:

  • Cruel, severe, unusual, or unnecessary punishment shall not be inflicted on children.
  • Corporal punishment is not used.
  • Derogatory remarks shall not be made in front of the children about family members of the children in care or about the children themselves.
  • No child is allowed to discipline another child.
  • Food or snacks will not be used as a form of discipline.
  • When a child is removed from the group, he/she will not be out of sight of the staff member.
  • When called by the KC office concerning a behavior with your child, we expect a parent to come in a timely manner to address the situation.
  • If your child has had a behavior problem at school, you will receive an incident report that you must sign and return to the KC office.

How do we handle Biting?

We feel biting is a normal part of a child’s development. Biting is common in children, and there is a variety of reasons why some children bite. We will review these cases individually, depending on the age of the child. Although biting is a part of development, it can be detrimental to the group as a whole. If your child is a biter, we will schedule a conference to discuss your child’s behavior. If we feel that we cannot control your child’s biting in a group setting, you will be asked to make other arrangements for your child. Parents of biters must understand that we must do what is best for all the children in the group.

You will be asked to sign a discipline policy upon enrollment. Parents will be asked to make other arrangements for children who exhibit the following repeated behaviors or conditions:

  1. Aggressiveness towards the staff or other children
  2. Biting
  3. Improper use of language
  4. Destruction of property
  5. Any condition or behavior that requires more care than our teacher/child ratios can provide

 Toilet Training

We will help potty train your child, WITH YOUR HELP! This must be a cooperative effort. Be aware that your child is in a group setting, and potty training is sometimes more difficult. All children in our P-3 departments and above must be fully potty trained, and in underwear (Not pull-ups). Please read the following guidelines concerning training:

  • Make sure that your child is REALLY ready! A good indication is if he/she is dry after a long naptime.
  • Your child must be able to do the following: walk to the bathroom alone (we will not take crying children to the potty), pull his/her clothing up and down, use words to indicate that he/she need to use the potty.

We ask that your child wears easily accessible clothing. If your child’s teacher is training your child, must bring him/her to school in underwear or Velcro-sided pull-ups. Refrain from sending your child to school with belts, over-all’s or hard to manage clothing.

Accidents/Injuries at School

Unfortunately, occasional accidents will happen at school. We will inform you by phone and in writing of accidents and injuries that may have happened at school. We will give as much specific information as we can about the incident. You will receive an accident report for each occurrence.

Birthday Parties at School

 Please check with the office staff about any party plans. It must not disrupt the regular operation of the center.

Clothing Requirements

Clothing requirements differ for each age group. The following is a list of clothing for each age group.


  • Easily manageable clothing
  • No hose, leotards, over-all’s, pants with belts

Preschool Age

  • Easily manageable clothing that the children can pull up and down
  • No hose, leotards, over-all’s, pants with belts
  • No cowboy boots or shoes with hard heels
  • No sandals
  • Tennis shoes are preferred

Children should wear shoes with closed toes, and they must be able to run without tripping.

Interactions with Staff Members/Office Personnel

Our goal is provide a safe and loving environment for your child. Occasionally, there will be issues that you will need to address with your child’s teachers. Please feel free to ask questions, address concerns, and communicate with your child’s caregivers. Our staff will always address you in a respectful and courteous manner. We ask that our parents give our staff the same courtesy.

Addressing Concerns

We want you to be able to always communicate with us concerning your child. Questions or concerns about your child’s care should be directly addressed to your child’s teacher. Please refrain from discussing your concerns with other staff members that may not be involved in your child’s care. If you have issues that have not been resolved by your child’s teacher, please address your concerns to the manager, Lisa Beckham. Messages from parents will be returned very promptly.

Emergency Situations

The center is equipped with a fire alarm, and weather band radio. If an emergency arises, and the building is unsafe, the children will be transported to the following location:

North Point Community Church

4204 Airline Drive

Bossier City, LA 71111


 (This location is for Kids Company Bossier Center Only)

Parents will then be notified to come and pick up their children.

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