Discipline Policy

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    Discipline Policy

    Our goal at Kid’s Company is to provide a safe, loving and teachable atmosphere for the children enrolled at our center. At Kid’s Company, we want to make sure that each child receives the best care possible. Please make sure that you are familiar with our discipline policy.

    Parents may be asked to make other arrangements for children who exhibit the following consistent behavior/ conditions at any time during the year.

    1. Aggressiveness towards other children or teachers
    2. Biting
    3. Improper use of language
    4. Any condition or behavior that requires more care than our teacher/child ratios can provide.

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Kids are Positive!

We promote positive attitudes and good behavior. Being curteous and polite, saying please and thank you!

Kids are smart!

Kids are always learning and growing. Smart kids make smart desicions!

Kids are helpers!

Encourage your child's learning by allowing them to help you daily. They make great little helpers!